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Won 3 IAI Design Awards: AGELOCER, a new force in Chinese watchmaking, is crowned with strength
Recently, the 2022 IAI Design Awards came to an end, and AGELOCER came back full of honors. The AGELOCER Tourbillon Series, Big Bang Series and Schwarzwald Series stand out from entries from all over the world for their unique and innovative product design aesthetics, all winning the IAI Industrial Product Design Award!

IAI Design Awards - Asia's Most Innovative Awards
Since in 2006, IAI Design Award is one of the most internationally influential and prestigious design awards in the Asia-Pacific region and even the world. As the most innovative award in Asia, many brands from all over the world compete to participate every year. The IAI jury judges the awards and honors based on high-quality judging standards, and only works with great innovative strength have the chance to be favored.

The competition is increasingly attracting the attention of the global design community with its unique award content, award setting and the theme of the times. It is an international design award with extremely high recognition and gold content in the world.

The award of AGELOCER not only proves that AGELOCER has once again topped the international design stage, but also recognizes the brand's adherence to original design and independent research and development attitude for many years, fully demonstrating the international design community's affirmation of AGELOCER product design.

Appreciation of IAI Award-Winning Products

AGELOCER · Tourbillon Series

The IAI Design Award is another important honor for the AGELOCER tourbillon collection after winning the German Design Award and the 2021 Contemporary Good Design Award. On the basis of maintaining the watchmaking craftsmanship of the classic tourbillon, this series once again pays tribute to the simple architectural aesthetics with a modern design language, and uses the minimalist mechanical skeleton and the flying tourbillon to build a city of suspended machinery between the wrists.
The top bracket of the traditional tourbillon is subtracted, and the dynamic beauty of the suspension of the flying tourbillon is fully displayed. At the same time, a more design hollowing process is adopted, and the double-sided fully transparent sapphire material fully displays the movement structure, creating the ultimate light hollowing beauty, and renewing and interpreting the tourbillon of the new era.

AGELOCER · Big Bang Series

The AGELOCER Big Bang series has won many international design awards. This is AGELOCER fifth honorary coronation. The series explores the spirit of brave and fearless racing with mechanical timepieces and uses an innovative three-pin separation method to read time. Create a mechanical watch that is exclusively worn by young people in the new era.


The design concept of "Dare to break through without compromise" guides the Big Bang series to breakthrough the traditional watch design and break the flat and single mechanical structure. In the 2.4mm ultra-thin dial, a breakthrough assembly of 4 layers of mechanical hollow structure and parts is made. Our uncompromising quality standards are combined with breakthrough design creativity.

AGELOCER · Schwarzwald Series
Combining technology and natural forces, the AGELOCER Schwarzwald series integrates modern technological materials into traditional watchmaking. The strong and hard-core body has both performance and beauty. After winning the German Design Award, the Schwarzwald series won the IAI Global Design Award again.

The dodecagon-shaped bezel is made of tough 316L stainless steel. Rich in high-grade metallic luster, the aerospace industry polymer fluororubber strap is waterproof, deodorant, and soft in texture, which can adapt to the more complex and diverse wearing scenarios of the new generation of consumers. Whether it is the appearance design or wearing feeling, it has a unique and novel design expression.

Chinese Design Goes to the World
For a long time, AGELOCER has made great achievements in the international design field, and has achieved fruitful results. So far, AGELOCER has won 17 international design awards. These awards are high recognition by international design authorities that AGELOCER's product design aesthetics, product quality and design value are at the forefront of the industry. It proves that the brand has left a place in the international design world, allowing the power of Chinese mechanical watch design to go to the world.
AGELOCER knows that products are the cornerstone of brand development. Each honorary blessing has strengthened AGELOCER's determination to unremittingly innovate and continue to strive for perfection. In this era of value creation by design, it insists on design innovation and independent research and development of movements to create a new generation of mechanical watches that meet the aesthetics of young people.
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