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Full fire, ready to burn: AGELOCER "Volcano Series" watch launched
As a new generation watch brand in China that always insists on original design, AGELOCER has created many mechanical watches with genes of the new era with bold creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. On June 26, AGELOCER released a new sincere watch, the "Volcano Series" watch. This watch, inspired by volcanic eruptions, demonstrates the brand's consistent and original design style. The details of the craftsmanship to the grinding of the movement are very elegant.

The design concept is based on the surging vitality of volcanic eruptions.
Different from the meaning of traditional mechanical watches, in the world of AGELOCER watches, mechanical watches are no longer just a tool to show time, but to express the exploration of the world with mechanical timepieces, with an eclectic design style, Incorporating the exploration of all things in the world, such as racing cars, universes, and forests, into the design of mechanical watches, making mechanical watches full of distinct 
Inspired by volcanic activity, this "Volcano Series" watch integrates volcanic shapes and elements into the mechanical dial, showing a sense of impact and power at first glance, as if surging energy is always released on the wrist. As the power of 4.6 billion years of metabolism and evolution, the surging energy of volcanic eruptions affects our most primitive passions. Naming the series with "Volcano Series" is the designer's hope to ignite the surging flame in the wearer's heart, showing a warm-blooded, positive and sunny attitude towards life.

Let the time interpret the volcanic eruption on the dial
In addition to the novel and ingenious design inspiration, AGELOCER also broke the inherent travel time form of watches. Different from the mechanical watches with three-hand time on the market, this product adopts a three-pin separate design. The hour hand, minute hand and second hand have independent timekeeping systems, which revolve around different axes, and cooperate with each other precisely without interfering with each other. Carrying out innovation and change to the end, which makes watching time more interesting.

In the design of the hands, AGELOCER also uniquely integrates the dynamic elements of the volcanic eruption process into the entire three-dimensional mechanical dial. Referring to the meandering track of lava flow, the minute hand is transformed into a hand flowing in a three-way curve, pointing to the triple minute hand track in the upper right corner of the dial. It is worth mentioning that although the three hands are of different lengths, they can accurately point to the minute dial in turn. This is the result of precise calculations and repeated tests by the designer, and it is also the breakthrough creativity of AGELOCER.

The 12-hour disc turns into a crater, and the small flame symbol continuously releases heat energy as the hour disc rotates. This is the designer's ingenious idea. The detailed design of the independent small seconds disc shows the scene of volcanic lava flowing into the crack to form a vortex. Every time you bow your head, you can feel the temperature of the volcanic eruption in the elapse of seconds, which brings a dynamic vitality to the "Volcano Series".

Flowing magma shows exquisite craftsmanship
The AGELOCER "Volcano Series" presents the brand's bold aesthetic style, perfectly combining angular tough lines with mechanical strength. In addition to the ingenuity in design, the manufacturing process is also very exquisite. In order to carve lava-like smooth lines on the dial, the watch adopts CNC integrated cutting technology that is 8 times more expensive than the industry, showing exquisite technical details. The machining accuracy of this technology can generally reach 0.05-0.1mm. Such a high-precision process can effectively eliminate internal stress and achieve the coexistence of beauty and stability.

80-hour self-developed movement with super kinetic energy
The abundant power of the "Volcano Series" comes from the Cal.A5505 automatic mechanical movement independently developed and designed by the brand, with an ultra-long kinetic energy of 80 hours, which can be left for 3 days without winding, escorting your adventure. Built-in 35 ruby bearings, the horizontal bridge replaces the traditional unilateral bridge to form a more stable structure, which ensures the stable operation of the movement and shows a balanced visual aesthetic.

Personalized color matching, deduce the vitality of volcanoes in different states
Volcanoes are the blood of the earth. They erupt, flow, cool, solidify, nourish the life around them, bring energy, hope and vitality, and show vitality all the time. AGELOCER refers to the different states of volcanic eruptions, and uses four unique colors to tell the life story of volcanic eruptions. The four colors represent the meanings of eruption, breakthrough, nurturing and evolution respectively, combining industrial metal tension and strong mechanical aesthetics.

AGELOCER has always been committed to creating mechanical watches that meet the tastes of young people. As the brand's sincere work to be launched in 2022, the "Volcano Series" watch has both a youthful appearance and a strong core. This product will break the shackles of traditional watches with the most energetic temperature and brightest colors. The exploration of the natural power of volcanic eruption is performed in a new mechanical form.
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