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Agelocer won a number of international design awards
Since its establishment, Agelocer has always adhered to the original design and independent R&D of the movement. Under the guidance of the "redefining the mechanical watch and always surprised" design concept, it has performed a new interpretation of the traditional watch, showing its distinctive style with exquisite craftsmanship and bold creativity. Agelocer has won a number of world-class design awards with its outstanding and innovative design capabilities. There are 13 international design awards ,including the London Design Award, the Berlin Design Award, the Italian A Design Award, German National Design Award,the CGD Award and Chicago Good Design Awards. Many awards have proved that Agelocer's design philosophy and design capabilities have been recognized by the international community. Chinese watch brands have retained a position in the international market and have core competitiveness in the watch industry.
The Big Bang Series
Redefine the way of timing
The Big Bang series of mechanical watches are the silver award of the 2020 London Design Award, the silver award of the Berlin Design Award in 2021 and the silver award of the Italian A Design Award in 2021 and Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) in 2021. This series of watches is born for original design and precision machinery, creating a new era of mechanical watch wearing experience.
Its design is inspired by the elements of the racing instrument panel, integrating the elements of the racing steering wheel into the 24-hour dial. It abandons the round or square appearance and flat single structure, and uses rigorous technology to create the watch industry's first multi-level mechanical dial. In an ultra-thin space of 2.4mm thickness, it accommodates 4 layers of hollow dials and interspersed pointers. It adopts a three-hand separation design, and each hour, minute and second hands have their own timing system, redefining the way of reading time of traditional watches.
The Astronomer Series
Redefine the traditional complex functions
The astronomer series mechanical watch is the winner of four international design awards: London Design Award in 2020, Berlin Design Award in 2021, Italian A Design Award in 2021, and German Design Award in 2022,Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) in 2021 and Chicago Good Design Award in 2022.This series of watches represents Agelocer's spirit of respecting tradition, but not being restrained, and interpreting the exploration of astronomy in a new mechanical form.

The astronomer series is inspired by the sun, moon, and stars, and uses the phases of the moon as a symbol to record time. It breaks the traditional small window covering moon phase design, the first 28.5mm super immersive moon phase window. It uses 3D nano metal printing technology to make 3D three-dimensional carved moon phases, and platinum plating process to make the lunar landform more refined, which is a new upgrade of modern technology and traditional functions.
The Sapphire Tourbillon Series
Borderless design interprets the aesthetics of fully transparent mechanical
The Sapphire Tourbillon series is the winner of the 2022 Special Commendation Award for Excellence in Product Design. This is another milestone design masterpiece of Agelocer for the application of new materials. The hardness of sapphire material is 9 Mohs, second only to diamond. It is because of the hardness of the sapphire crystal, development costs and production difficulties are extremely high. Watches with a case made of sapphire crystal glass are still very rare and precious in the watch industry. Despite the high cost, Agelocer has never stopped exploring the application of new materials.

This series of watches takes "borderless" as its design inspiration. The case is delicately polished and cut by hand from a whole piece of sapphire crystal. The fully transparent case allows the tourbillon mechanical movement to be presented in 360°, and the flying tourbillon without a top bracket appears to be suspended in mid-air, creating an all-round transparent and unbounded visual feast.
The ‎Schwarzwald series
Redefining hardcore mechanical timepieces
The ‎Schwarzwald series watches are also the winners of the 2022 Special Commendation Award for Excellence in Product Design. They take in-depth thinking about the diverse wearing scenes of consumers as the design starting point, and integrate modern technology and materials into traditional watchmaking.

This series integrates high-tech materials with the mechanical world to create a hardcore mechanical timepiece which is thinner, more durable, more mechanical, more comfortable, and stronger in overall strength for consumers. The interlaced DLC charcoal gray plated hollow dial presents a deep beauty like a natural forest. The polished fish scale pattern on the dial reveals a matte texture, which combines performance with a tough mechanical beauty.
The Tourbillon series
Redefine the aesthetics of mechanical minimalism
The Tourbillon series is the winner of the 2022 China Good Design Award, which uses modern design language to interpret the flying tourbillon, which is Aigler AGELOCER's tribute to the classic tourbillon watchmaking process, while deeply respecting the tradition, but also daring to innovate.
Taking architectural aesthetics as the starting point of design, the feather-light suspension core and mechanical skeleton build a suspended mechanical city between the wrists. The double-sided skeleton design shows the structure of the movement in full, allowing the wearer to fully peek into the flying tourbillon without a top bracket. The internal mechanical operation relationship is infinitely magnified as the main body of expression, and the aesthetics of the future faction architectural structure are interpreted more extremely by the minimalist and smooth lines, which more extremely interprets the purity of industrial machinery and the spatial beauty of architecture.